Sunshine coast ukulele festival 2021
Lazy Leis


Saturday 9th – Big marquee – 12:30 to 1:30pm

Learn a song with the Lazy Leis and bring your uke along to their concert. Print workshop notes here.

Uke Dukem


Sunday 10th – Big marquee – 10 to 11 am

 This workshop demystifies Major Scales in Music Theory by explaining it in its simplest form. It demonstrates how to use Major Scales to create, identify and build chords. Mick’s ground-level approach came about from his interest in how chords were constructed and why the Am7 chord is the same as the C6 chord and other variations on the Ukulele. This series of workshops is designed for Beginners and Intermediate players including some handouts and simple exercises, so bring a pen/pencil with you. Although the philosophies target standard Ukulele playing, the concepts can be utilised on all Ukuleles, including Baritone Ukuleles, Guitar, Piano, and any instrument requiring chord construction. Mick has no formal Music Theory training but has almost 45years of experience as a professional musician. Participants will find this a very informative musical workshop. So, bring your Ukuleles, a pen/pencil or pointy stick, some, paper and an eagerness to be informed Print workshop here.

Joe Man Murph


Sunday 10th – Big Marquee – 8:45 to 9:45 am

Learning the art of making rhythm easier and understanding strumming patterns. Taking songs to another level with simple techniques anyone can master. Bring your Ukuleles for some strumming good times!! Print workshop notes here.

Sunshine Coast Ukulele festival workshopsSunshine Coast Ukulele Festival 2021
Gypsy Rumble


Saturday 9th – Big Marquee – 8:45 to 9:45 am

Come on a musical adventure with these comedic gypsies as they take you step by step through the chords, rhythms, and vocal harmonies that make their songs unique. Bring your ukes and your voices for a workshop for players of all abilities.

Tom Richter


Friday 8th – Big Marquee – 12:30 to 1:30pm

Learn to create satisfying blues fingerstyle arrangements. Dig deep into the blues vocabulary and explore ways of combining picking patterns, turnarounds, chord substitutions, string bending, riffs and licks to build an authentic-sounding fingerstyle blues piece. One Hour. For more advanced players. Suitable for high G or low G ukes. Print workshop notes here.

Tom Richter with Accidentally on Purpose

Workshop with Tom Richter & Accidentally On Purpose

Saturday 9th – Big Marquee – 10 to 11am

Tom Richter and Accidentally On Purpose teach ukestration AOP style! Learn harmony, counterpoint and ornamentation as we break down a complete three-part instrumental arrangement.
For intermediate to advanced players. One hour. Suitable for High G, Low G and baritone ukuleles. 

Geoff White

Geoff is doing 2 workshops. One for the beginners and one for a little more advanced players.

Friday 8th – Beginners class – Big Marquee – 8:45 to 9:45am Print beginners workshop notes – song #1 Print beginners workshop notes – song # 2

Saturday 9th – Advanced class – Stockyard – 9:00 to 10:00am Print advance class notes

Kerrie Marshall

Easy picking patterns for learner pickers.

Sunday 10th – Sherwood Forest – 12:30 to 1:30pm

By learning 2 simple picking patterns and a couple of little runs, which can be mixed and matched, we can enhance how we play beautiful songs.These can be used for solos or groups to ‘Make a difference!’ This workshop is aimed at anyone wanting to have a go at having breaks from strumming. Songs we will be using snippets from: (All basic chords) Print workshop notes here