Park Terms & Conditions


Park Access :

  • ALL VEHICLES must have a GREEN CARD displayed on the DRIVERS SIDE dashboard that is to be obtained from the Kiosk when checking in for your stay, including Day Visitors. Motorbikes are to display them where practical and visible from the roadside.
  • An Entry Fee of $7 per Adult, $4 per Child or $20 per Family of 4 is payable at the Kiosk for Day Visitors regardless of time spent onsite. Permitted onsite during Kiosk hours only.
  • Regular checks are made during the day to ensure compliance.
  • Borumba Deer Park also uses number plate recognition cameras to monitor vehicle access.

Deposits :

  • OFF PEAK Season : The first nights stay is payable within 7 days from the date you book  to confirm your booking.
  • PEAK Season : A 50% deposit of your total stay is payable within 7 days from the date you book to confirm your booking.

Arrival & Departure Times :

  • CHECK-IN for CAMPING : 12pm   
  • CHECK-IN for CABINS : 2pm
  • CHECK-OUT : 10am
  • LATE ARRIVALS : Late arrival fees apply. After 7:00pm – $ 30.00, After 9:00 – $ 70.00.

Please contact the park staff if you know you will be arriving after hours with your estimated ETA. When you arrive, please phone the AFTER HOURS number, which is located on the front door of the Kiosk, and the caretaker will check you in.

  • Early CHECK-IN & Late CHECK-OUT : Day Visitor Rates and Rules apply. Permitted onsite during Kiosk hours only.

Children :

  • Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all time and in all areas of the park, including the Playground, Kiosk, Amenity Blocks, Cabins and in/around the creek.
  • Whilst our main goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for everyone, we do not provide childcare services, this remains the sole responsibility of each child’s parents.
  • The Playground areas are out of bounds after dark.

Unpowered Sites :

  • With the aim of maintaining a natural setting, we have avoided using marker lines to outline each unpowered site.
  • Please use the map to located which site is yours and be mindful of surrounding sites. In the event that you have encroached on a neighbouring site, you will be asked to relocate your camp to allow other campers to enjoy their site.
  • If you are unsure, please ask one of the park staff at the kiosk to help locate your campsite boundaries before setting up.

Powered Sites :

  • BDP provides 1 x 10amp outlet per powered site. 10amp converters are available for hire at Kiosk if required.
  • All powered sites are for the use of basic caravan appliances including A/C, fridge, lighting etc.
  • Please limit the number of appliances brought to the park especially during busy periods.
  • Icemakers and other high power use appliances are not permitted.

Cabins :

  • The cabins will be presented on your arrival, fully cleaned and stocked with inventory sufficient for your stay.
  • Credit Card details will be collected on arrival, which will be kept for the duration of your stay for security purposes.
  • If a Credit Card is not supplied, a $200 Cash Bond will be required on check-in, along with a copy of driver’s license details. Cash Bonds will be held until the room is checked at departure.
  • On departure, the cabins are to be left clean and tidy, ready for our staff to complete a standard clean.
  • Any damages or items missing on departure will be charged for.
  • If any excessive cleaning is required, this will be charged at rate of $65 per hr and damages charged at replacement and repair cost.
  • One Credit Card or Cash Bond required per cabin.

Day Visitors & Non-Camping Vehicle Entry Access:

  • $7 per Adult, $4 per Child or $20 per Family of 4.
  • Day Visiting is allowed during Kiosk hours only.
  • All Day Visitor vehicles must be registered at the Kiosk for entry and display the green card provided at the Kiosk clearly on the passenger side dashboard.
  • Borumba Deer Park uses number plate recognition cameras to monitor vehicle access.
  • Anyone seen to be deliberately avoiding the entry fee will be asked to leave or pay the fee plus additional admin charge.

Day Use Area :

  • The use of the creek area is entirely at your own risk.
  • Children MUST BE SUPERVISED by an ADULT at all times!
  • No Diving, Jumping or Pushing into the water.
  • Strictly no bottles or glass along the waters edge.
  • Night swimming or swimming under the influence of ALCOHOL OR DRUGS IS NOT ADVISABLE!

Vehicle Speed Limits :

  • Speed limits of 10km and 15km (as signed) must not be exceeded. All internal roads are shared zones for pedestrians, bicycles and cars/trucks/vans etc to use.

Fires :

  • Small open fires only in firepits provided. You are welcome to bring your own firepit to the park.
  • Any temporary fire bans must be respected and adhered to.  
  • Firewood is available at the Kiosk.

Camp Kitchen & BBQ’s :

  • Please consider others and clean up after use.
  • Do not leave any cooking unattended whilst using the Camp Kitchen.
  • Any appliances left unattended while cooking will be turned off and food discarded.
  • If unsure how to use appliances, please ask one of the park staff.
  • BDP uses security video surveillance to ensure the Camp Kitchen conditions of use are adhered to.

Laundromat :

  • It is the responsibility of the person operating the washers and dryers to ensure that no items are loaded into the machines that are unsuitable for washing or drying.
  • Items such as disposable nappies, tissues etc are NOT to be put into the machines.
  • Please ensure all items are removed from the machines ready for the next person to use.
  • BDP uses security video surveillance to ensure the Laundromat conditions of use are adhered to.

Rubbish :

  • GENERAL WASTE ONLY is to be placed in the large skip bins with black lids.
  • NO CAMPING EQUIPMENT is to be placed in any of the park provided bins, this must be taken to your local disposal centre.
  • 10c RECYCLABLE ITEMS ONLY must be placed in the yellow lid recycle wheelie bins. Refer to bins for details.
  • CARDBOARD must be flatten and placed in the caged trailer next to the skip bins.
  • BDP uses security video surveillance to ensure the Rubbish Area conditions of use are adhered to.

Noise :

  • The park and its facilities are for the enjoyment of all visitors. Please assist by being considerate to your neighbours and restrict noise from speakers, televisions and socialising after 10pm and before 6am.
  • No generators or chainsaws allowed.

Farm Animals, Wildlife, Flora & Fauna :

  • Anyone seen to be deliberately harming any animals in the park will be instructed to leave the park immediately.
  • Any serious harming of any animals e.g. bow hunting, shooting will be reported to the Police and the relevant authorities.
  • Native flora is for the enjoyment of all. Do not remove or cut down.
  • To protect native water species, opera house nets are not permitted in the creek.

Water Activities :

  • Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  • No diving, jumping or pushing into the water.
  • Strictly no bottles or glass are to be taken down to the creek.
  • Swimming at night or under the influence of alcohol is not permitted.
  • Kayaks are available for hire, contact the Kiosk for details.

Fences and Signs :

  • Climbing fences is strictly forbidden.
  • Private property signs on creek boundary must be observed.
  • No trespassing into the farm paddocks.

Drones :

  • DRONES ARE BANNED from flying within the boundaries of the Borumba Deer Park.
  • General drone safety laws apply, refer to
  • The only exception to the above is if approval is given by the Borumba Deer Park management.

Privacy :

  • Please respect everyone’s privacy and belongings.
  • Do not walk through other campers campsites.

Security Advice :

While the park staff do their best to ensure a safe and secure environment, we do recommend that visitors to the park take the precaution of securing items of value left outside their tent, car, caravan or cabin during the day and overnight.

General :

Entry to Borumba Deer Park and use of the creek area is at your own risk. At all times and in the interest of safety, the above and below conditions of entry must be adhered to.

Borumba Deer Park and its Proprietors accept no responsibility to persons utilising the equipment and facilities of Borumba Deer Park. Persons utilising such facilities do so at their own risk and under no circumstances shall the Proprietors be liable to any person for any loss, damage or injury of whatsoever relating to use of equipment or facilities.

Condition of Entry :

All persons entering Borumba Deer Park expressly agree that Borumba Deer Park and its Proprietors shall not in any circumstances whatsoever by under any liability whatsoever to such persons for any loss. Damage or injury of whatsoever nature arising directly or indirectly from any act or default, whether negligent or otherwise, on the part of the Proprietor save harmless and indemnify the Proprietor in respect of all claims, actions, suits, demands of whatsoever nature and kind in respect of such persons’ use of equipment and/or utilising the facilities of Borumba Deer Park, whether arising in Contract or in fact or tort or otherwise.

All persons entering the Borumba Deer Park acknowledge that Borumba Deer Park uses security video surveillance throughout the park for the safety and security of our guests.


  • Seven (7) days notice required to make changes to your booking during PEAK Seasons (Christmas, Easter, School Holidays, and Public Holiday Long Weekends).
  • Seventy-two (72) hours notice required during OFF PEAK Seasons.
  • No refunds or credits will be given on paid deposits and no rescheduling to future dates,   if notice periods above haven’t been adhered to.
  • A $25 Admin Fee may be payable for any changes to bookings once a booking has been placed and the deposit has been paid.
  • No refunds, or credits, if customer/s change/s their mind on arrival or departure dates.
  • No refunds, or credits, due to weather.   
  • No refunds will be given if you have been instructed to leave due to non-compliance of the park Terms and Conditions.
  • All cancellation credits expire within 12 months of cancellation.
  • Please ensure you rebook your stay well within the 12 month period to avoid disappointment.
  • Any credits from cancelled bookings prior to March 2020 are invalid due to change of ownership.
  • Where a deposit or prepayment is to be refunded, an administration fee of $25 will be charged. The $25 administrative cancellation fee will be waived if you put the deposit/prepayment to a future booking & returning within 12 months of the initial cancellation.
  • All cancellations and/or refund requests must be provided in writing to


Pets are $3 each per night and all guests with pets will be required to pay a $50 refundable pet bond on arrival.

We are unable to accept pet bookings in Cabins or ‘Down by the Creek’.

As a condition of entry, pet owners must agree to the following:

  • To pay $3 per pet per day.
  • To keep pets on leads at all times except in the ‘off lead’ area behind Sherwood Forest.
  • To keep pets under the control of a responsible person at all times.
  • To pick up all pet droppings and dispose of them in a suitable manner.
  • To keep pets as quiet as possible at all times.
  • To comply with reasonable requests by Park Management.
  • That Park Management is the sole arbiter of satisfactory behaviour and their decision is final.
  • That the rights of guests without pets take precedence over the rights of guests with pets.
  • To pay a $50 dog bond – refunded ONLY if there is FULL adherence to the above conditions.


If these conditions are not complied with, the bond will not be refunded and will be donated to the RSPCA.

Serious breaches will result in guests and pet/s being asked to leave the park with no refund of bond.