Pineapple Crush




Pineapple Crush has the pleasure of leading the Sunshine Coast Ukulele Masters at the twice monthly sessions.

With founding members Lynne, Geoff and Karen, and with newer members, Geoff, Jeff and Alex make up the 6 member band. Yes, you read right. There’s Geoff, Geoff and Jeff. Can get a bit confusing at times……


Lynne White: has a long history with music, playing Irish/Bush music with her band for many years in her home town of Adelaide, with many overseas band tours under her belt, she brings the Irish flavour into the music with Irish penny whistle and songs.   Lead singer, concert ukulele and penny whistle.

Geoff White: Illustrious President of SCUM, Geoff brings the rock ‘n roll and some great ballads to the music mix, not forgetting author of club song, “SCUM Song”.    Lead Singer, tenor and concert ukuleles.

Karen Froelich: original member of the band, bringing harmonies and the best dancing on stage while playing and instrument. Karen started off playing ukulele and still does when we let her, but Karen’s forte is playing great keyboards, bringing a whole other dimension to the music.      Harmonies, keyboard, concert ukulele.

Jeff Spencer: a fabulous musician of many instruments from way back, Jeff  brings the beautiful sound of lap-steel with stunning riffs to the band’s music mix.    Lap-steel, ukulele, bodhran.

Geoff Armstrong: plays ukulele and great guitar, but loves playing his bass guitar with Pineapple Crush and enjoys a fun session at SCUM when he can.   Bass guitar.