Girt By C


GIRT BY C is Peter Ransom’s one-man vehicle for dusting off wonderful songs we haven’t heard much of lately.   Peter’s last year or so has been busy, with appearances including Sunshine Coast 2018, Mountview Autumn 2018, Newkulele 2018 and the BUMS “Look What They’ve Done” Cabaret.  This year’s Sunshine Coast program is entirely new, and this time there’s mystery, murder and romance at the core of it, plus some oddball stuff, audience participation and a little hula!


Peter Ransom presents a quirky jam/workshop in which the focus is 100% Johnny Cash, but not his popular material.   No sir, Ring of Fire and Folsom Prison Blues and the usual JC numbers are not what you should expect.  Instead you’ll have the opportunity to sing and play songs that are mostly quite well-known and also to learn something new.  You’ll pick up some JC trivia, test yourself in a Kwik Kwiz, participate in a performance of the soon-to-be-legendary Johnny Cash Chorale and finally, there’s a hula. I know, the hula sounds a bit