Georgie Taylor

Georgie Taylor is a 17 year old singer-songwriter from Redlands Coast who has a passion for storytelling through her music and performing in musical theatre productions.

She released her debut single ‘Insane’ in January 2018 and has her debut EP due to be released this February..  The EP culminates a year of writing and composing new material as well as recording some of her earliest works penned at the beginning of her writing career.

Containing a collection of beautifully crafted songs, the ukulele is a key instrument on many tracks on the EP with the song ‘Hey Honey’ being written after she had been inspired by the musicians at the Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival a few years back.

The songs on the EP are all original songs looking at the world as she sees it through a young person’s eyes. She digs deep and tells stories about emotional turmoil and things she has experienced first-hand, processing them through song by way of beautiful lyrics and melodies..

Georgie is a talented composer and multi-instrumentalist who loves writing and performing her own contemporary music. She plays ukulele, guitar, mandolin and piano.  She loves live performance and is a regular guest artist at festivals and events in Queensland and interstate where she has been making a name for herself as an emerging artist in both contemporary and country music scenes.  She loves performing in and around Redlands at community events and is an ambassador for positive mental health within the Redlands and Logan communities.