Trisha Scott & Bill Plant

Dining Room
Sunday 10.30am

Learn the secret of how to play by ear with Trisha Scott and Bill Plant.
Experience the freedom of playing the ukulele without a song book. Bill and Trisha will take you step by step through the process of identifying chord relationships and how they are common to all key signatures. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to develop your own unique response to the relationship between basic chords and also to differentiate between variations within a single chord. Then we will put it all together and play a few songs.

Playing by ear is a great experience where you improve your listening skill and it enables you to join in spontaneous jam sessions where you can interact with others to bring the music to a whole new level.

Bill Plant and Trisha Scott have been playing and performed the ukulele for about ten years. They have started lots of uke groups and facilitated all manner of ukulele workshops both here and in the US. They have had 2 books published in the US and at the last count they have taught over 1200 people to play the ukulele. They are surely true soldiers of the revolution.