Peter Moss (UK)


Big Top Marquee
Friday 8pm 

Dining Room
Thursday 11am
Big Top Marquee
Friday 8.30am

Peter’s journey began when his parents purchased him a ukulele for his 8th birthday and he became intrigued with chord melodies. Early success included both north and south Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar (BMG) competitions for his arrangement of the William Tell Overture.  Peter went on to appear in various UK and European music societies. In 1979 his musicianship took him to Toronto, Canada and Houston, Texas and he was later invited to perform in Hawaii.

For 10 years Peter appeared with his guitar in a one man show that covered 7 decades of music until his passion for Ukulele re-emerged when just 3 years ago another birthday brought a new Ukulele.  Peter recorded a few tracks which he promoted on Facebook and it wasn’t long before a call came from a CBBC TV producer with a request to perform on ZingZillas.  This was quickly followed by calls from BBC Radio Derby and Stoke which resulted in a number of live broadcasts in 2014. Things began to move very quickly and he was booked to perform in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada and later in Milwaukee, Ohio and Florida.