My Nightingale

sunshine coast ukulele festival, tropulele

Big Top Marquee
Saturday 7pm

“…Now she is a nightingale. Night after night I hear her in the garden of my sleepless dreams.” –My Nightingale by Rose Ausländer

Award winning singer, Elly Hoyt, grew up in the forests of Tasmania. She left her home at eighteen to study music and has been travelling and performing around the world for the last ten years. While studying jazz in Boston USA recently, Elly discovered a poem by holocaust survivor Rose Ausländer that was dedicated to Ausländer’s mother.  Deeply moved, and feeling the pull of her homeland, Elly was driven to start a band in honour of her own mother, her early music influences, and honouring her true self.  After returning to Brisbane, Australia in 2016, Elly (vox/ukulele) joined forces with Beck Flatt (drums), Helen Svboda (vox/double bass) and Rebecca Karlen (vox/violin). Within minutes of playing together, they all knew that this was something special. Thus My Nightingale was born. Bringing together diverse backgrounds from Australia, Finland, Sweden and America, expect soul-soothing tunes with luscious vocal harmonies, layers of beautiful strings, and groovy folk rhythms. These girls are destined for big things. Don’t miss out on this exciting journey!