Handy Hints for Caravaners

Note to caravaners to please bring the following, if you have them.   (see explanations below)

*A 10 – 15 amp converter lead  (Converter adaptors are available at caravanning supply stores)
*Extra extension leads                                                                                                          
*Extra water hoses & multiple tap outlet fittings

Caravanning Handy Hints

Printable Copy of Handy Hints PDF

We have prepared these brief notes to hopefully enable the not so experienced campers to make the camping experience also enjoyable. Based on a few questions from anxious campers we note the following:

Question 1: It says I may need a 10-15 amp converter lead what is this?

A converter lead or adaptor is a short electrical lead with a 10amp male plug on one end and a 15amp female plug on the other end. It allows you to plug your caravan’s 15amp lead into a 10amp power outlet. Most outlets at Kenilworth showground are 15amp but there are still many 10amp outlets as well. Depending on when you arrive you might finish up with a 10 amp outlet.

The converter lead/adaptors are also a worthwhile accessory if you travel and stay at showgrounds around the state, as many of these still have 10 amp outlets. There are converter adaptors that are legal and safe available now at most caravanning supply stores.

Question 2: It is suggested I bring extra electrical leads. How much extra?

Whilst there are a good number of power boxes around the showground depending on when you arrive you may have 2-3 caravans between you and the nearest power outlet. We recommend that you carry two 25m long 15amp extension leads to allow you to reach such outlets. It is also wise to have two leads for your general travelling and camping. We also recommend that you carry a waterproof box for enclosing the plug connection between the leads which will be exposed to the elements. These boxes are readily available from Camping stores etc.

Question 3: It is suggested I bring extra water hoses and multi-outlet fittings.

Water outlets are limited at the Showground with some sites not having water access at all. We recommend that you carry two standard (15-20m) lengths of potable water hoses with appropriate connectors. Don’t use normal garden hose as they taint the taste. Don’t worry too much about a variety of special tap fittings. You will need the standard screw on tap adaptor to connect your hose to the tap and most caravanners would normally have one of those. Also a 12mm male to male connector for between the two hoses.

It helps sometimes to have a double outlet connector also, so if the tap already has someone connected you can add that so both can connect. If you are caught short the local hardware store could no doubt help.

In case you are allocated a site without a water outlet nearby it is best to arrive with full tanks and take a suitable bucket and funnel to top up tanks by hand. An alternative may be to connect to a neighbouring van’s spare tap on their drawbar if they are connected to water.

Other: Levelling Ramps

Not all spots allocated in caravan parks or showgrounds are perfectly level. It is wise to carry levelling ramps so that you can lift the low side of the van by running the wheels up unto the ramps when setting up (before unhitching). It is also useful to carry a small level to check the van floor in both directions.