Kine Kool

Kine Kool love to share live music with their audience.

Loosely described as a ukulele group Kine Kool deliver exciting and unique arrangements, that will get your feet tapping and your hands clapping. Expect the unexpected! Sing songs you know, and some you wish you did, even perhaps some classical!! Singing, dancing and playing along are positively encouraged! This year for Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival 2019 we’ll be a duo, so come along prepared to help us out.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Steve Elbourn is well known as host of three Brisbane Open Mic events, and as a lead role in numerous Brisbane theatre shows.  He frequently performs as a soloist, but has performed as the Fifth Fret Duo and is always keen to join the jam, singing, harmonizing, playing guitar or tapping rhythm on the Cajon. His smooth voice will delight you.

Jim Bills is the second member of the duo. A pianist since the age of 5, and with the requisite rock (“Country/Rock”) performing experience in his youth, he moved up to ukulele in 2011. He usually plays Kanile’a Super Tenor and Baritone, and loves to play his Islander Pako (U-Bass).  He ensures the arrangements are tight, and that there are charts to share with you. He’ll be taking on some Kool solo parts, and guiding the third member of the group John, an Alesis SR18 Drum Machine who will lay down some Kool grooves for some of the songs.

You can audition Steve, Jim and John (the drum machine), and your follow-along charts in this brief clip of the group in action at Ukulele Fiesta 2018

Live music is for sharing! Bring your uke and your singing voice, get ready to rock’n’roll or so some boot scootin’ and join Kine Kool at the 2019 Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival at Kenilworth, 11-14 April 2019. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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