D’ukes of Oz

The D’Ukes of Oz is a recently formed band who came together after meeting at various ukulele venues around the Sunshine Coast. They realised that the most important thing they had in common, besides quaffing pints of Guinness, was a love of Aussie Bush ballads and Celtic music. After many informal jam sessions they decided to formalise things and form a band specialising in Bush Ballads with a Celtic flavour.

The members of the band are:

Ken O’Flaherty

Ken has been singing Irish songs since he was a wee baby on his mother’s knee.

Ken has performed in most Australian States plus most Irish pubs and service clubs in Brisbane the  Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.  Ken was a founder member of the Irish bands Blackthorne and McGuinness & Co. Ken plays Ukulele, Guitar, 5-String Banjo, harmonica and Bodrahn.

Michael O’Flaherty

Michael has been involved in the folk music scene most of his life with his major influences being the Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem. He began playing the Mandolin in his twenties and then left it for a number of years. In recent years he has recommenced his Mandolin playing and has also taken up the Ukulele. Michael plays Ukulele, Mandolin, Bodrahn & percussion

Ian Scrymgeour (Scrimmie)

Scrimmie loves his folk music especially Irish folk and Bush ballads and has been singing on and off since he arrived in Oz almost 50 years ago. Since learning to play the Ukulele and being involved in a Ukulele club (SCUM) on the Sunshine Coast, where he was known to sing a song or two, he set to go for it again. Scrimmie  plays Ukulele and guitar.

Geoff Clarke

Geoff’s background is Bush Bands having played mainly with the Floorboard Cree(a)k Bush Band in Central Queensland. He used to be a drummer in an Old Time dance band and loves his folk music, especially Irish folk and Bush ballads and has been singing on and off most of his life.

Geoff plays Ukulele, Harmonica, Lagerphone and percussion.

Chris Smith (Smithy)

Smithy has played guitar and piano and performed on and off for 47 years. He has a passion for music that tells a story and stirs the emotions – in particular Irish & Celtic tunes. Smithy has sung in choirs since he was eight, and sings in the Oriana adult choir in Buderim. He has written and produced four CDs one of originals and three education CDs for use in schools. Chris  plays Ukulele, guitar and the blues harp and plans on learning the fiddle.