Duke Ukem

DUKE UKEM the eclectic Ukulele three-piece band, will be performing at SCUF’s Ukulele Festival at Kenilworth Showgrounds in April 2019.

This band of adept musicians and vocalists will be performing songs that will jolt your memory and will be running a workshop on “How Chords Are Constructed” which will give you the groundwork into advancing your musical knowledge but in a light-hearted and easy manner.

DUKE UKEM not only possess great musicianship and vocal abilities but also enhance their performances with their easy and comedic rapport with their audiences.

DUKE UKEM are Mick Angeles. Marg Monaghan and Mike Heaton, all multi-instrumentalist so don’t be surprised if a guitar, or banjo, or mandolin or even a didgeridoo turn up on stage.

This year DUKE UKEM will be backed by talented and in demand drummer/percussionist, Trish Rodwell whose credits speak for themselves.

Whist at the festival, come in and be entertained by DUKE UKEM.