2019 Artists

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Sunshine Coast Ukulele Masters Inc. is presenting the 6th annual Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival for 2019 and we are so happy to be holding it again in the beautiful town of Kenilworth.

We have another full and exciting program this year with Ukebox from the UK, Victoria Vox from USA and lots of fabulous artists from all around Australia. Friday night will be the big dance party night with the fabulous Lazy Leis. Jam sessions will be run every day by Pineapple Crush in the Festival Village, open mic session every day at the Kenilworth Pub, heaps of workshops for all standards of ukulele playing, singing workshops, a dance workshop, drumming workshop and our annual songwriting comp. We have planned 4 days and nights of ukulele playing, singing, drumming, dance and fun, catching up with your friends and having a spectacular experience at SUNSHINE COAST UKULELE FESTIVAL 2019.

¬†And we can’t do without our incredible volunteers, so if you are coming to the festival we would love you to volunteer to help. Vollie App now open for you to sign up.

Festival tickets now on sale.